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31.08.14/20:09/ 1
We said goodbye to our loyal companion, Socks on Wednesday night. Socks was 15 years old. She was a little dog with a lot of heart! We are going to miss her very much but we’re happy she’s not suffering anymore. We’d like to think that she has reunited herself with our cat, Geary. They truly were best friends until the end.

Socks was a sweet little sister to Geary, always following him around the house wanting to be close to him. She was also a wonderful big sister to Wednesday. In the short time they spent together she taught Wednesday lots of tricks such as: The art of sleeping, how to be a lady and how to milk her cuteness to get what she wants! We’re going to miss having her sweet and loyal spirit around the house.

We love you, Little Baby! ❤️
29.08.14/20:10/ 1
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